Say Cheese

wine and cheese

January 20th is National Cheese Lovers Day

Research does not identify the creator of this day, or when it began. All we can be sure of, is that it was someone who loves cheese. The earliest record of cheese making dates back to 5,500 BCE in what is now Poland. Today there are over 1,400 varieties of cheese.

Keep your smile & eat your cheese

On this day millions of different kinds of cheese is consumed and paired with wine,crackers,and fruits. Not all is good for keeping your smile healthy.

1-Cheese is a great snack that provides calcium and casein. These are proteins that play an important role in stabilizing and repairing tooth enamel.
2-Strawberries are a perfect fruit to pair with your cheese. They have a natural sweetness and contain a malic acid which whitens your teeth.
3-Even though dried fruit is considered a healthy choice by some, you will want to stay away. It is sticky, has a high natural sugar content and is a non-soluble cellulose fiber.
4-You cant have cheese without the crackers but crackers aren’t healthy for our teeth. They are a refined carbohydrate which breaks down into sugar.
5-Wine. Wine and cheese are perfect together just not for our teeth. Whether you prefer red or white they both dry out your mouth and are very acidic. Red wines contain Tannic acid which cause staining and decrease saliva production.

Enjoy your National Cheese Lovers Day but remember to brush,floss and visit your dentist regularly ! You only have one smile so keep it healthy

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