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TNE Temrex Dual Syringe Temporary Cement

Item Description:
6g syringe, 15 tips, Releasing agent

For temporary cementation

Features and Benefits:
Assures even mixture
Applies directly to prosthesis
Produces superior marginal seals
Excellent compressive and tensile strength
Pack: 1 dual syringe with 6g of material, 15 dispensing tips, and 1 syringe of Releasing Agent

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TNE Temrex Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement

1-10g syringe Part A
1-10g syringe Part B
Releasing Agent

Suitable for all temporary cement applications

Features and Benefits:
Strong………………..…lasts between scheduled visits
Safe………………..……prevents leakage of oral fluids and bacteria
Quick…………………..Setting time is 2 1/2 to 3 minutes
Easy……………..……..Fast, no-mess clean up
Two Stage Set……..allows for easy clean up of the cement around the crown margins before final set
Radiopaque……..….for easy identification
Compatible with all permanent cements and core build-up materials
Works with composite restorations and cements
Excellent biological compatibility

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Orange Solvent with Lanolin ,

Orange Solvent with Lanolin is perfect for the removal of PIP paste, zinc oxide-eugenol, rubber base and other impression material from dentures, hands, face, mixing slabs and instruments. Available in 32 oz. bottle.

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GDP Small Mixing Pad and Plastic Instrument Combo , ,

The small mixing pad has 5 wells for liquids. Great for etching, cleaning agents, etc. The ball burnisher is ideal for placement of calcium hydroxide, bonding agents, liners, composites, etc.
Sold in packages of 3

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GDP Large Mixing Pad And Spatula Combo , ,

Resists adhesion to dental materials, cleans easily. For mixing composites, impression material, cements, etc. 6” x 8” size has imperial & metric units. Pad comes with small double sided spatula made of the same material. Most products can be cleaned easily with a 2 x 2 gauze soaked with alcohol or orange solvent. If the […]

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Tubulitec Cavity Liner

Tubulitec Primer and Tubulitec Liner is a complete system for cavity insulation under all kinds of filling materials. By first applying the dentin varnish, Tubulitec Primer, all dentinal tubular apertures are sealed in order to avoid micro leakage and effectively eliminate any microorganisms.
The Tubulitec Primer will succesefully adhere to the liquid Tubulitec Liner which is then applied as a second step to the interior of the prepared cavity before insertion of any kind of filling material.

Tubulitec Anti-Bacterial Primer $32.45 ea.
Tublitetec Cavity Liner $32.45 ea.

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Tubulex Dry Socket Dressing

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Tubulitec Thinner

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Tubulicid Plus Endo10oz

Tubulicid Plus Endo is specially formulated for routine and dedicated root canal therapy, combining a selective demineralizing effect with a surface active treatment. It will clean canals and dental tubules with EDTA (3%)

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DT Temporary Dressing

DT Temporary Dressing is a high concentration of calcium hydroxide. It is used under temporary fillings in large deep cavities with vital infected dentin and uncertain pulpal condition.

Packed in air-tight single sticks the DT Temporary Dressing is a ready-to-use paste for direct application into the cavity or through the use of a suitable instrument.

This product can not be shipped to Canada

*This product is currently on back order

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