Giants or Jets?

It’s that time of year again and your little football fan needs to be protected on the field.

We got you covered! We play tough and so do the kids, so why not have their teeth and mouth protected by the best mouthguard?

This isn’t like your stand boil-and-bite you see in regular sport stores. The PF2 makes a name for itself as the boil-and-bite that fits like a custom-fit guard in its superior fit. In this, it allows for better communication and oxygen intake, both crucial to athlete of all sports. The dual-laminated guard protects teeth at the maximum, and fits to any mouth size.

No other guard on the market can be boiled to fit your mouth in under one minute and offer protection like a professionally-fit custom mouthguard. The cost and convenience are here for you.

Get your Guard On!

Available in Black or White.

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