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Welcome to gdpdental.com, Global Dental Products/ online shopping site. It is designed to make your experience faster, easier, and more convenient. You can learn about new products, brush up on your favorites, or place an order hassle free.

Global Dental Products is the exclusive distributor of TUBULICID RED or BLUE (to be used in operative or cosmetic dentistry), TUBULITEC ANTI-BACTERIAL PRIMER & POLYSTYRENE CAVITY LINER (ideal to eliminate sensitivity when placing an amalgam or setting a crown), TUBULICID PLUS (endo irrigant), D.T. TEMPORARY DRESSING (unoxygenated calcium hydroxide in packets), CIMOFLUOR (endodontic filling cement w/fluoride), MONOSTERYL Disposable Diamonds, VELADERM Hand Wash Lotion, VELADERM Skin Care Lotion, BIO-FREEZE (cryogenic muscle relief gel, ideal for TMJ), our world famous ORBITAL FOAM PELLETS & SQUEEZE SYRINGES (perfect for patient home care: i.e. after perio surgery), Veneer Styx (veneer cementation aids) and Inlay/Onlay Styx (for the ease of placing an inlay/onlay). Enjoy our fine line of products.

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